In light of dramatic increases in obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle-related chronic conditions, innovative strategies are needed to help individuals improve the way they eat, move, and think. “Teaching kitchens” are an emerging model based in this translational thinking, where skill-building curricula typically include (1) nutrition education, (2) hands-on culinary instruction, (3) enhanced movement and exercise, (4) optimal use of web-based technologies, (5) mindfulness training, and (6) personalized coaching.
The 2018 Research Day on Teaching Kitchens and Related Self Care Practices is the first of its kind scientific meeting that will enable researchers to present original findings on teaching kitchen curricula, with the purpose of advancing the design, methodology, implementation, and evaluation of replicable programs for individuals with increased cardiovascular risk; along with other populations seeking to enhance their health and wellness.

Priority Topics for Abstract Submission:

  • Emerging models of teaching kitchens
  • Educational components 
  • Pilot, full scale studies, and demonstration projects
  • Strategies to assess clinical impact and financial ROI
  • Teaching kitchens as part of research networks
  • Partnerships with agriculture
  • Partnerships with cooking schools
  • Assessing return on investment (ROI)
  • Developing train-the-trainer-programs
  • Credentialing of teaching kitchens

Anticipated audiences and presenters include:
  • Researchers
  • Chefs
  • MD’s, RD’s, RN’s, Health Coaches, Mindfulness instructors and other Allied Health professionals interested in teaching kitchens as learning labs
  • Food service directors
  • Hospital, University, Corporate, Military and Community Based HR Directors and Administrators